Sponsoring Guests

Eligible patrons may sponsor family members and friends as their guests. Sponsors must obtain a visitor’s pass for their guests – military identification and/or DoD civilian identification are required. Sponsors are responsible for check-in and check-out and shall remain with their guests during quiet hours (10 pm – 8 am).

DoD Civilian Retirees are required to have their SF 50 to show eligibility with a photo ID card.

Bellows AFS is a military installation; federal rules and regulations apply. All guests are responsible for abiding by Bellows AFS policies. For details, refer to guest books, bulletin boards, and/or website. Contact the FRONT DESK or SECURITY FORCES for questions or concerns.

All non-DoD ID cardholders must be sponsored onto the installation by an authorized cardholder. For further information, contact the BASE DEFENSE OPERATIONS CENTER at (808) 259-4200 or (808) 448-4916, or email 18fssdet2bellows.sf@us.af.mil.

All guests are subject to criminal background checks prior to accessing the installation. Guests with unfavorable information WILL BE DENIED access to the installation, regardless of sponsorship by authorized DoD ID cardholders.

All non-DoD affiliated guests under the age of 16 MUST have a school ID or photo ID on their person at all times. All non-DoD affiliated guests aged 16 and over MUST have a government/state ID on their person at all times.

Foreign National Guests will NOT BE ALLOWED base entry unless/until they have been properly vetted through Security Forces. Requests are accepted only within a three (3) month to thirty (30) day window.

Parking permits and Rapid Gate passes are NOT authorized credentials for base access.

All vehicles entering Bellows AFS must be ready to present the following items to the Sentry. All vehicles are subject to search.

• Current driver’s license

• Current proof of insurance
• Current safety inspection

• Rental Agreement (if applicable)

Disabled Veterans With A VA Health Identification Card

IAW DoDM-5200.08 Volume 3, AFMAN 31-101 Volume 3, Installation Perimeter Access Control, Veteran Health ID Card Holders will adhere to the following:

VHIC Card Holders:

  • Will be 100% ID checked
    • Registered in DBIDS
    • Identity proofed and must pass fitness determination
  • VHIC must have listed:
    • Service Connected
    • Purple Heart
    • Former Prisoner of War (POW)
  • Required to present another form of official government/state ID/passport in conjunction with VHIC
  • Allowed 5 accompanying individuals
    • Trusted Traveler privilege is not authorized for VHIC holders
    • Special Functions Agreements are not authorized for VHIC holders.
    • Accompanying individuals must have a valid government/state ID/passport
    • Will be identity-proofed and must pass fitness determination
    • Will be issued an AF Form 75, Visitor Pass

Veteran Caregivers:

  • Must have a Veterans Affairs Caregiver letter
  • Will be identity-proofed and must pass fitness determination
  • Will be registered in DBIDS
  • Allowed 5 accompanying individuals
    • Individuals will be registered in DBIDS
    • Accompanying persons 18+ will be identity-proofed and must pass fitness determination

Guests without an approved government-issued credential or state driver’s license compliant with the Real ID Act of 2005 are REQUIRED to provide a second form of identification prior to being granted installation access. Click HERE to find out more about the REAL ID ACT OF 2005.

Bellows AFS ID Card Policy Update

Personnel with expired IDs WILL NOT BE PERMITTED on Bellows Air Force Station. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

  • DoD CAC holders MUST have a current, unexpired ID card
  • Any authorized ID cardholder with an expired ID card MUST be accompanied by a sponsor with a valid, unexpired ID card