Safety & Policies

Our guests can rest assured because our ocean-certified Lifeguards and Security Forces Defenders work diligently to provide safety and security at our exclusive location. Our Security Forces Team provides assistance and protection for our guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • All BBQ/grilling charcoal MUST be disposed of in designated coal pits. DO NOT place coals or ash into dumpsters, leach/septic mounds outside cabins, or in dunes. BBQs/grills are NOT permitted on the beach. Cabin BBQ grills must be kept at your unit.
  • Firearms, archery bows, throwing knives/hatchets, air rifles/pistols, and any other illegal or dangerous weapons are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • NO cell phone use while driving. Speed limit 10 mph when passing pedestrians.
  • NO swimming after dark. Lifeguards on duty daily.
  • Nature trail, pavilions, picnic areas, and playground are closed after dark.
  • NO landing and/or launching privately-owned motorized watercraft.
  • NO glass containers and/or alcohol consumption on beach or nature trails.
  • NO open fires, fireworks, portable fire pits, or metal detectors.
  • NO drones or personal aircraft.
  • NO smoking/vaping in rental units. Smoking in designated areas only (50 ft away from any building.)
  • NO digging, except at the beach shoreline, without review by Bellows Environmental Program.
  • NO feeding or hunting feral animals.
  • Dogs are permitted on the installation from sunrise to sunset in outdoor spaces unless staying in designated dog-friendly lodging and HAVE SIGNED THE GUEST PET POLICY AGREEMENT. Dogs are NOT PERMITTED in any building, including condos, pavilions, outdoor deck, Turtle Cove, and AAFES. Service Animals are allowed overnight with lawful inquiry. NOTE: Per the ADA, therapy/comfort animals are NOT CONSIDERED “service animals”. For more info, please visit UNAUTHORIZED PETS/ANIMALS ARE SUBJECT TO EVICTION WITHOUT REFUND AND A $250 FEE. VIEW PET POLICY HERE.
  • Authorized fishing areas are limited to the jetty (adjacent to Waimanalo Stream), between cabins 449B and 455B, and from cabin 455A up to the Distinguished Visitor fence. The Distinguished Visitor area beyond the fence is OFF LIMITS. Occupants of beachside cabins between 310B to 449B are permitted to fish outside their cabins, provided they are on the rental agreement. All other areas, including the beach, are prohibited.
  • Please recycle and use trash receptacles. Bellows AFS encourages all guests to recycle cans and bottles. Recycle bins are located around Bldg. 220 and throughout the property. Dispose of coals in marked dispensers ONLY.
  • Group gatherings over 20 people require a facility rental.


  • Camping tents are not permitted in the cabin area. Only 10’x10’ pop-up canopies are permitted during daylight hours.
  • Do NOT take furniture items outside. Fees apply for violations.
  • BBQ grills must be kept at your unit.
  • Help us reduce our environmental impact. Please hang and reuse towels. Dirty towels on the floor will be replaced. Bath towels are not permitted on the beach; beach towels are provided.
  • Keep your unit locked at all times.
  • Use the safe provided in each unit to keep valuables locked away. Bellows AFS is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items.
  • Safeguard your keys. Do not leave them in your cabin, vehicle, or unattended. Do not place near smartphones as they may become demagnetized.
  • Do not admit persons into your cabin without first making identification.
  • Never leave luggage unattended or unsecured.


  • Open campfires are prohibited (except in fire pits at Group Campsites).
  • Cooking units must be located at least six feet from any structure, tent, or combustible material, and at least three feet off the ground.
  • Grills are for outdoor cooking only. Grills are not to be used to burn firewood.
  • Cutting trees or harvesting wood on Bellows is prohibited.
  • Coals must be cooled and disposed of in coal dispensers only. Do not dispose of coals on the ground, in the sand, or in any trash receptacle, including dumpsters.
  • Grills may only be used when renting cabins, condos, campsites, pavilions, and outdoor deck.


  • Trash receptacles (along the walking path parallel to Tinker Road) are not to be used for large-volume disposal. Dispose of trash in the dumpster located near the Na Mokulua condos.
  • Campfires are permitted in fire pits only. Flames must not exceed four feet in height. Groups are allowed to bring firewood for use in fire pits.
  • Loading and Parking Policy: Vehicles must enter the Group Campsite area via the flight line. Guests are allowed 30 minutes to load/unload at their site on the grass. All vehicles must park on the flight line for the duration. Vehicles parked on the grass may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles parked on the grass may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.


  • Eligible patrons are responsible for dependents and sponsored guests at all times. Sponsors must be on site from 10 pm – 8 am.
  • Ages 16 & younger must be accompanied by an adult in all public areas from 10 pm – 8 am.
  • All occupants remaining overnight must be registered.
  • A Special Function Agreement and an authorized guest list must be obtained from Security Forces for functions exceeding 10 unauthorized guests (non DoD ID cardholders).

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Bellows Lifeguards are on duty Daily from 10 am – 5 pm. Ocean safety experts patrol the beach from the two lifeguard towers – one behind AAFES Express and one near the beach pavilion off Beachwalk Lane.

  • Glass bottles are PROHIBITED on the beach.
  • Heed Lifeguard Daily Warning Signs
  • Be cautious of Portuguese Man o’ War, which sometimes frequents the waters on the east side of O’ahu. If you are stung, treatment spray may be purchased inside the Turtle Cove Shoppe.
  • DO NOT TOUCH SEA TURTLES. Sea turtles are a federally protected species.
  • Swim smart and safe – be aware of your surroundings.
  • Ages 12 & younger must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Sunscreen is highly recommended.
  • No diving in shallow areas.
  • No rough playing.
  • Riptides occur in different areas along the shoreline. If you are caught in a riptide, stay calm. Let the riptide pull you to deeper waters where the current will cease. Swim parallel to shore, then swim towards the beach.
  • If you see someone in trouble, notify a lifeguard.


  • NO parking on unpaved surfaces unless designated.
  • Two parking permits are issued per cabin/condo unit/campsite/camper cabin. Additional vehicles MUST park in authorized overflow parking. Permits are for assigned unit only. Wrongfully parked vehicles without properly displayed permits may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles are not authorized to unload on the grass behind the condos.
  • Special Function Attendees: Use overflow parking – parking is not permitted in front of Reservations/Turtle Cove (Bldg. 220) or mini golf course.
  • Three lots are available for overflow parking:
    1. Adjacent to Group Campsites on the flight line.
    2. Behind driving range on the flight line
    3. Between mini golf course and Lettered Family Campsites.
  • DV guests may park near the neighboring bathhouse (Bldg. 475).
  • AAFES Express parking lot is designated for AAFES customers and is limited to 30 minutes.
  • Parking in the Reservations/Turtle Cove (Bldg. 220) is reserved for customers and beach parking is PROHIBITED.
  • For inquiries regarding parking and guest sponsorship for Special Functions, please contact Security Forces.


  • Patrons hosting a Special Function must provide trash bags and place all trash in the dumpster prior to check out. Dumpster for the Conference Room, Deck, and Mini Golf Pavilion is located in the corner of the Bldg. 220 parking lot; dumpster for the Beach Pavilions is located in the beach parking lot at Beachwalk Lane opposite the bathhouse (Bldg. 201).
  • One freestanding, professional sign may be displayed for a Special Function. Signs are prohibited from being fastened/secured/taped to any utility pole, street sign, or tree.
  • No outside alcohol is allowed on the outdoor deck. Functions that require bar service must rent bartender through Turtle Cove. Special requests require Command authorization.


  • Monday – Thursday, 10 pm – 8 am
  • Friday – Sunday and holidays, Midnight – 8 am
  • Excessive noise complaints, profanity, disturbance, or any policy violation are grounds for immediate eviction, loss of Bellows AFS privileges for up to one year, or debarment.