Enjoy the great outdoors! No electricity; nearby bathhouses. Campers are allowed to pitch two tents. No generators and/or campfires are allowed.

Maximum capacity:
10 people; 2 tents per site

Basic amenities:

  • Charcoal grill
  • Two picnic tables

Family Campsite Areas:

  • LETTERED: Mountainside of Tinker Road, past the mini golf course, in the wooded area
  • (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) MENEHUNE: Oceanside of Tinker Road, off Beachwalk Lane
  • OCEAN: Oceanside of Tinker Road, before the gas station

*Rates subject to change.

Group Campsites LIMITED to 75 people.


This large grassy area is the perfect site for command functions, multi-family gatherings, or team building events. Five campsites are available.

Maximum capacity:
75 people; 15 tents per site

Basic amenities

  • Charcoal grill
  • Six picnic tables
  • Water faucet
  • Fire pit

*Party rentals from Outdoor Recreation – Turtle Cove MUST be reserved no later than 2 weeks prior to reservation date.

To reserve Campsites, call (808) 259-8080.

Sleeping bags are available at Turtle Cove Equipment Rental. First come, first served; limited quantities.

Located behind the front desk, Reservations/Turtle Cove building (Bldg. 220).

Hours: Daily, 8 am – 6 pm

(808) 259-4135

CHECK-IN: 3 pm
CHECK-OUT: 10 am

OVERNIGHT GUESTS: 10 pm – 8 am
Family Campsites: Maximum of 2 tents/10 occupants (max capacity) per site
Group Campsites: Maximum of 15 tents/75 overnight occupants (max capacity) per site

Monday-Thursday: 10 pm – 8 am
Friday-Sunday & Holidays: Midnight – 8 am

Sponsors are responsible for their conduct and the conduct of their dependents and sponsored guests. Sponsor must be on site from 10 pm – 8 am to account for each guest.

Due to fire code restrictions, NO SPECIAL FUNCTION AGREEMENTS will be processed for Family Campsites.

A SPECIAL FUNCTION AGREEMENT and AUTHORIZED GUESTLIST are required for Group Campsites with functions with 10 or more unauthorized guests (non-DoD ID cardholders). Sponsors MUST contact SECURITY FORCES to obtain and submit these documents. All occupants remaining overnight MUST be registered with SECURITY FORCES.

Each authorized DoD ID cardholder is authorized to sponsor a maximum of 10 guests at Family Campsites and 50 guests at Group Campsites. Additional guests over 50 require a second sponsor.

Up to 2 parking permits are issued per Family Campsite. Additional vehicles MUST park in the authorized Overflow Parking. Permits are for assigned sites only. Wrongfully parked vehicles without properly displayed permits may be ticketed or towed at owners’ personal expense. Group Campsites will adhere to loading and parking policies. Vehicles MUST enter and exit the group campsite area via the authorized Overflow Parking (flight line). Guests are allowed 30 minutes to load/unload at their site on the grass. All vehicles MUST park in the Overflow Parking (flight line) for the duration of their stay. Vehicles parked on the grass may be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

Refunds will NOT be granted due to weather, beach closure, power outages, insects, or other acts of nature (to include loss or damage of personal property). Claims for damage/loss to personal property may be filed at a military Legal office.


Report any problems/issues with the rental unit to TURTLE COVE within the first 30 minutes of check-in. Refunds may NOT be authorized for unreported issues beyond the 30–minute period. For after-hours check-ins, report any problems/issues with the rental site to TURTLE COVE by 8 am the following day. Sponsor will also report to the FRONT DESK by 10:30 am the following day to update credit card/other information.

Dogs are permitted on the installation from sunrise to sunset in outdoor spaces unless staying in designated dog-friendly lodging and HAVE SIGNED THE GUEST PET POLICY AGREEMENT. Dogs are NOT permitted in any building, including: condos, pavilions, deck, Turtle Cove, and AAFES. Service Animals allowed overnight with lawful inquiry. NOTE: Per the ADA, therapy/comfort animals are NOT CONSIDERED “service animals”. For more info, please visit UNAUTHORIZED PETS/ANIMALS ARE SUBJECT TO EVICTION WITHOUT REFUND AND A $250 FEE. VIEW PET POLICY HERE.

Digging and/or leveling of the campgrounds is PROHIBITED.

Feeding or hunting of feral animals is PROHIBITED and grounds for eviction without refund.

Generators, electrical extension cords, and party bouncers are NOT PERMITTED in the Family Campsites.

Cooking units MUST be located at least 6 feet from any structure, tent, or combustible material, and at least 3 feet off the ground. Portable fire pits are PROHIBITED. Grills are for outdoor cooking only. DO NOT use grills to burn firewood. DO NOT place an outdoor cooking unit on the picnic tables. Coals MUST be cooled and disposed of in coal dispensers only. DO NOT dispose of coals on the ground or in any trash receptacle.

Campfires are permitted in designated fire pits in Group Campsites ONLY. Flames MUST NOT exceed 4 feet in height. Cutting trees/harvesting wood on Bellows AFS is PROHIBITED. Groups are allowed to bring firewood for use in fire pits. Campfires are NOT PERMITTED in Family Campsites.

A minimum fee of $25 will be incurred if the rented area fails to meet the acceptable standard of cleaning prior to check-out. Trash bags are NOT provided. Campers must provide their own trash bags for their space and place all trash in the dumpsters prior to check-out. Sponsor is to dispose of all trash (including cigarette butts) into dumpsters. DO NOT use the trash receptacles along the walking path (parallel to Tinker Rd) for large volume disposal. Group Campsites MUST remove large firewood debris from the fire pit and ensure the outdoor cooking grills and sink are also clear of debris.