R4R: Recharge for Resiliency


Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) is the capstone for resiliency programming across the Air Force and Space Force. R4R provides resources that foster unit cohesion, culture, mission, and a sense of community among Airmen/Guardians and their families. R4R comprises four components: Single Airmen Program Initiative (SAPI), RecOn, Deployed Affected Program (DAP), and Unite. Each part is designed to reach a specific targeted audience.


The Recharge for Resiliency initiative is directed specifically toward Air Force and Space Force Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members including their families.

Retirees, civilians, and foreign military are NOT eligible for R4R discounted rates due to the terms of the special funding guidance. Other US military branches do not qualify unless they are part of an Air Force-led joint-based scenario, or are permanently assigned to an Air Force base (a copy of your orders are required).

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Bellows Air Force Station special events and programs are open to all Bellows AFS guests and eligible patrons – active duty military, military retirees, reservists, National Guard, disabled veterans with a VA Health Identification Card, current/retired DoD civilian employees with an authorized ID card, and their dependents and guests. Those without base access will not be permitted on Bellows AFS. Events and info subject to change.

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